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SRY Organic White Package deal
List Price: $160.97
Our Price: $135.99
Sale Price: $135.99
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Patricia Reynier gumming soap is an exfoliating soap for the face and body developed for dark complexion. It contains the best vegetable extracts and Aloe Vera, which makes it really efficient.
100% natural, repairing and lightening complex to restore the epidermis. It removes dead cells delicately cleanses the skin and prepares it for the treatment care with Patricia Reynier Products
Patricia Reynier exfoliating soap lightens the skin and helps to eliminate all hyper pigmentation marks caused by the sun exposure, insect bites, pregnancy or drugs.Approved and recommended by dermatological laboratories.

How to use: Every day, all over the body and rinse throughout. Avoid contact with eyes.

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S
Here you have the whole SRY Organic White collection at a discounte price, don't miss out! FA ALOE VERA YOGHURT SHOWER CREAM

Care can be so fresh!

Fa Aloe Vera Yoghurt Shower Cream combines mild care and pampering freshness. The particularly light formula with yoghurt protein and aloe vera milk helps the skin maintain its natural moisture balance while protecting it against drying out – for noticeably soft- and supple skin feeling. The mild fragrance refreshes the senses and makes showering a unique experience.

» Reliable protection against dry skin
» Mild and pleasantly fresh fragrance
» Dermatologically tested skin compatibility
» pH skin-neutral
Patricia Reynier-Purifying Lotion with carrot oil
Our Price: $34.99
Sale Price: $34.99
Patricia Reynier Express Plus - Hand and Foot Cream
Our Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $39.99
Purifying Lotion Toning Care treatment with carrot oil de Patricia Reynier is an advisable care to clean your skin in depth and to purify it. It stops the proliferation of the impurities that provoke undesirable eruptions of your skin. It contains the best toning plant extracts with carrot oil. It activates hydration and restore the epidermis while eliminating hyper pigmentation marks caused by aging, sun exposure, insect bites, pregnancy or drugs.

How to use : Morning and evening, after washing you skin with our exfoliated soap, apply the Purifying Lotion on the face to prepare your skin to receive the treatment from the range of Patricia Reynier products.

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S
The Express Plus – Hand and Foot Cream de Patricia Reynier is enriched with plant extracts and vitamins. Quickly penetrated into your skin and act in depth,turn your skin soft and smooth.

How to use : Use it daily on hand and foot, helps to fight skin aging and strengthen nails.

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S

The Miraculous oil, composed of 54% of natural active agents, hydrates, nourishes and repairs hairs than skins (face and body) as well.

This elixir multivitamin and multifunction, gently perfumed, absorbs instantly without being fat.

Skin becomes soft and satiny. Epidermis is hydrated and refreshed, without any sensation of oily skin.

Luxury Milk Toning Care Treatment de Patricia Reynier
Patricia Reynier Clarté - Face Toning Cleaning Gel
Our Price: $25.99
Sale Price: $25.99
DC Face Nuit (Face Night)
Our Price: $45.99
Sale Price: $34.99
Save $11.00!
The Toning Cleansing Face Gel CLARITY de Patricia Reynier is a foaming texture, once applied purifies and deeply cleanses your skin. It descales the pores of their impurities to clean up the skin and avoid its cutaneous inconveniences. Enriched by natural lightning extracts, it gradually eliminates unsightly spots, to restore in your skin’s purity,  clarity and brightness.

How to use : Twice a day, in circular motion then rinse abundantly and let the face dry before applying Patricia Reynier’s treatment products.

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S

Un cocktail d’actifs qui régénère la peau en profondeur (beurre de karité, huiles de jojoba et d’argan, extraits de feuilles de badanier et de fleurs de sureau noir), une texture qui procure une délicieuse sensation de confort.
Utilisation : appliquer chaque soir. Massez délicatement.
Luxury Milk Toning Care Treatment de Patricia Reynier is a body milk based on vegetable extracts and aloe vera. Rich in Vitamin A, it is essential for dark complexion. This milk is a 100 % natural repairing and toning efficient complex to restore and restructure the epidermis.
It will soften, moisturize, reconstruct and brighten your skin with its natural active ingredients.

How to use : Clean your skin thoroughly with our exfoliating soap, dry, and apply the Luxury Milk all over your body . Add a drop of our serum for an optimal performance

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S
Patricia Reynier Volupté - Toning Shower Gel
Our Price: $25.99
Sale Price: $25.99
The Toning Shower Body Gel Volupté de Patricia Reynier is rich in extracts of Orchid and Hibiscus. The moment you use it, you will get a real sensation of freshness and purity followed by the comfort of a perfectly fed skin. It improves you skin’s health daily by keeping it moisturized and get rid of dis-gracious spots.

How to use : Once or twice a day, with circular massages. Rinse abundantly, dry and apply Patricia Reynier’s treatment products.

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S
24h de protection et soin doux. l'extrait d'avoine clame et hydrate votre peau The Exfoliating Toning Face Mask ÉCLAT de Patricia Reynier is designed with active formula uniquely  for the face. It removes gently your skin’s dead cells to make it glow. It improves  skin of all types and tones. Enriched with natural lightening extracts it reactivates your skin’s cells to renewal. Designed to make your skin looks healthy, younger, soft, clear and brightened.

How to use : Apply to the face twice a week, in a circular motion, rinse carefully, dry then apply Patricia Reynier’s treatment products

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S
Toning Scrubbing Body Gel MAGMA
Patricia Reynier Cellulite Reductor with Green Tea
Our Price: $25.99
Sale Price: $25.99
The Toning Scrubbing Body Gel MAGMA de Patricia Reynier eliminates the dead cells of your skin to restore its purity and smoothness. Its formula from Volcanic Lava is created to even and lighten the tone of your skin.

How to use : Use under shower, three times a week, apply to the body in circular motion then rinse abundantly and let it dry before applying Patricia Reynier’s treatment products.

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S
The Thermo Lipo Réducteur de Patricia Reynier  reduces overlaid fats and cellulite. Its application initiates its thermal effects from Green Tea and Caffeine. It penetrates into your skin more quickly and act in depth. After a few days of treatment, the grain of your skin is apparently smoother and your narrow pores; then you will see  redefinition of your skin and a real tightness.

How to use : The first month, twice a day in a circular motion to affected spots. Then use it once a day to confirm and maintain the result. Not advice to pregnant women.

M  A  D  E    I  N    P  A  R  I  S

The invigorating shower experience for men.

Intensive freshness that lasts: Fa MEN Speedster shower gel. The highly efficient formula with taurine extract & lemon grass provides the skin effective protection against drying out. The woody-aromatic fragrance components provide a refreshing and invigorating feeling.

» With taurine extract & lemon grass
» Masculine-fresh scent
» Dermatologically tested skin compatibility
» Skin-neutral pH

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SRY Organic White Unifying Cream

Our Price: $30.99
Sale Price: $30.99
Especially studies for the facial skincare, the SRY Organic White Unifying Cream is convenient for all skin types.
The daisy flower extracts with proven efficiency is recognized to improve the brightness of the skin.
It is enriched by a moisturizer complex and vitamin F with many virtues for the skin comfort. The complexion is more shiny and radiant, the skin is nourished.

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